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Road Map

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Q4 2023 / Q1 2024

Theoretical Process

Initiation of the theoretical analysis of applying multiple types of nodes in a single blockchain.

Applying multiple types of nodes required implementing an additional Artificial Intelligence tool. This tool would connect directly to the consensus algorithm to analyze and categorize the behavior of the nodes and their communication with each other.

Brand Identity

Alongside the product decided to tackle, the corporate image and legal entities were constituted in order to provide a professional image for the public.

Development Process:
Phron AI - Layer 1

The first case study for a blockchain consensus algorithm integrated with the initial state of the AI Composition (Machine Learning) is integrated to begin checking the practical behavior of the Machine Learning system throughout the Node testing for the different types in current existence.


Q2 2024

Practical Process: Testnet V1.0

The first version of the Testnet for Phron AI Layer 1 is implemented. This will provide real data from transactions and usage from the public to check the system's efficiency through Telemetry.

This process helps gather data from the inputs and outputs of the Machine Learning system to evolve into an Encoder-Decoder Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with fine-tuned parameters.

Ecosystem Development

Appliances for the chain are deployed into Testnet V1.0. The current ones integrated into the ecosystem are Decentralized Wallet, Decentralized Exchange, Cross-Chain Bridge, NFT Marketplace, and Chain Explorer.

This conglomerate helps with the transactional study process of the three types of nodes, alongside providing more testing subjects regarding smart contracts deployment, NFT behavior, and Cross-Chain Security.


Q3 2024

Data implementation to CNN

Using the data gathered across the different types of transactions and deployments that trained the Machine Learning initial code, parameters are tuned into the Encoder-Decoder CNN while implementing new inputs and outputs.

Practical Process: Testnet V2.0

After training of the CNN is completed, Testnet V2.0 is launched. This process proves the completion of the technology applied through the Sophia Protocol in terms of the Consensus Mechanism.

This version of Testnet is the pre-release to the Mainnet Version.

Audit Process for Testnet V2.0

After our team and community do Testnet V2.0 Training and Testing, we begin an auditing process with a very reputable crypto cybersecurity company to check compliance for penetration tests, flooding attacks, malicious nodes, and other technical points that could potentially threaten the network in the future.


Q4 2024

Phron AI: Layer 1 Mainnet Launch

After receiving the approval of the Auditing Company regarding the threat levels and the solution of possible vulnerabilities of the chain, Mainnet will be launched.

$PHRON Launch

By having available Mainnet, the official version of the PHRON token in Phron AI: Layer 1 is publicly launched and made available to the public to work transactions, smart contract development, and NFT Mints, among others.


Q1 2025

PhronZero: The beginnings

Having the reliability and efficiency provided in our Proof-of-Concept, the technology created will be migrated to create a second layer of nodes, IntraNodes, that will manage the communication between the different Zerochains that will be on top of PhronZero.

This concept integrates a second layer of complexity, having 2+ layers of CNN connections that will constitute the IntraNodes and the ZeroNodes of each subsequent Zerochain.



Layer 1/Layer 0

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