Our Team

Henry Hyde-Thomson Head of artificial intelligenceHenry Hyde-Thomson background

Henry Hyde-Thomson

Head of artificial

Henry Hyde-Thomson Head of artificial intelligenceGuillermo Guimaraes Co Founder background

Guillermo Guimaraes

Co Founder

Guillermo Guimaraes Co FounderGuillermo Guimaraes Co Founder background

Igor Bershadsky

Business Growth Advisor

Guillermo Guimaraes Co FounderRehan Shams Head of blockchain background

Rehan Shams

Head of blockchain

Richard Rodrigues Public Relations DepartmentRichard Rodrigues Public Relations Department background

Richard Rodrigues

Public Relations Department

Jacob Slimakh Head of GraphicsJacob Slimakh Head of Graphics background

Jacob Slimakh

Head of Graphics

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