Dubai Crypto Expo 2023

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Most Innovative Blockchain 2023

Phron AI received the award of the “Most Innovative Blockchain 2023” at the Dubai Crypto Expo 2023. The reason for the above is the fact that Phron AI is the first EVM, Proof-of-Stake, Layer 1 blockchain that uses the Sophia Protocol (Artificial Intelligence Statistical Consensus Mechanism) and Indirect-LTFM (Low Transaction Fee Management) Protocol.

Phron AI Booth

We applied our design team's masterwork to our booth inside Dubai Crypto Expo 2023. Such a high level of artwork, we believe strongly that it is part of our success, allowing us to convey our mission in style.


Receiving an Award

Phron AI propriety layer 1 technology, utilization of artificial intelligence, and introductions of three new protocols were highly appreciated at the Dubai Crypto Expo 2023. As a result, we received an award that motivates us to continue with the level of innovation we are reaching in the blockchain industry.


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