PHRON: The Coin

The token model aims to ensure the sustainability, growth, and decentralized governance of the ecosystem and is constructed to incentivize participation, secure the network, and facilitate a vibrant economy centered around AI and blockchain synergy.

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    Deflationary Mechanism.

    A portion of the Transaction and AI Services fees will be destined to burn PHRON, reducing the overall total supply over time.

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    Adaptive AI Staking and Node Validation is implemented to reward users for their contributions to the network

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    PhronAI introduces an on-chain governance model, predicated on a vote-escrowed mechanism.

Node Validators

An initial reward curve is applied to reward node validators, providing a high incentive to motivate a higher decentralization level at early stages of the project. This model will be later on applied to PhronZero nodes as well in order to keep the security of the platform

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